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Witaly Pas

Hi, Augusto.
–°urrently I am trying to get access by using 3-legged OAuth on my c# app and your post is good advice for me.

I think it would be nice to finish work on it and provide this solution as a complete project into your GitHub account. The only source about 3-legged OAuth on desktop for Forge is your notes here.

P.S. There are few typos in code. (like BASE_URL, but FORGE_BASE_URL; authorizeUrl, but authorizeURL).

Best regards,

Augusto Goncalves


The solution/sample is almost done, should be live soon.



I'm trying to implement it but it doesn't work, when I click accept it doesn't redirect to the Callback URL, I also used the Wb_Navigated event instead of wb_NavigateError and when I click accept it doesn't redirect to any page

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