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Jeremy Tammik

Hey Philippe,

This really is ultra super cool.


Is it easy to identify sub-components within the model?

Associate data with them?

Would it theoretically be possible (or maybe even easy) to expand this to simple editing operations?

I assume this system would work just as well on any device, including tablets and phones etc., providing the browser supports WebGL?

What browser with that functionality would you recommend for the iPad?

Thank you!

Cheers, Jeremy.


Yes identifying the components is easy and any data could be attached to them. The format used is the same than the one in the devdays viewer.

The data displayed is a mesh, so editing would be quite challenging I guess...

This will work with any browser supporting WebGL: http://caniuse.com/webgl

Jeremy Tammik


Thank you.

Another question: where can I find a definition of the JSON format you are using?

I analysed the files you provided and see the FacetCount, VertexCount, VertexCoords, VertexIndices, Normals, NormalIndices, Center, Color and Id properties they define, and that all makes perfect sense.

Still, it would be nice to know exactly how those are defined and whether some are optional before I go ahead and start implementing such an exporter for Revit... :-)

Cheers and happy weekend to you!


great job ! How do you obtain the json file by an obj file or whatelse 3D format ?


In that example the json file was generated by some custom code. I used the Inventor tessellation API CalculateFacets to get coordinates of the vertices, then exported it in my own format to json using that lib: http://james.newtonking.com/projects/json-net.aspx

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